Apr 23, 2021Kube-OVN now joins CNCF as a Sandbox project

Recently, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that Kube-OVN, an open-source container network project of Alauda, has officially entered the CNCF Sandbox Hosting. This is the first global open source CNI network project incorporated by CNCF, and it is also the first time that China Container Company successfully donated an independently designed and developed projects to the CNCF.

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Kube-OVN is an enterprise-class cloud native Kubernetes container network orchestration system independently developed by Alauda Company. It is based on SDN network virtualization technology and provides flexible container networks for enterprises. As the first accepted open source CNI network project by CNCF Sandbox, Kube-OVN has greatly enhanced the security, operability, management and performance of Kubernetes container network by translating mature network functions in the OpenStack field to Kubernetes, integrating various characteristics such as security enhancement, intelligent operation and maintenance, hardware acceleration, etc. It brings unique value to the success of Kubernetes ecology. Kube-OVN joins CNCF sandbox will promote the development and maturity of Kubernetes operating environment solutions.

Since Kube-OVN opens source, it has harvested 700 + star on Github. Twenty-four contributors from Alauda, China Telecom, Intel, Huawei and many other companies participating in the code writing. At the same time, it has accumulated 50 + enterprise users, including many Giant companies such as Unicom, Telecom, Huawei, China Electronics, ByteDance and Rakuten (Japan). In less than two years, we achieve thousands of cluster-level large-scale enterprise projects, and overseas projects landing, as well as commercialization of the initial attempt.

Next, Kube-OVN will strenghthen community operations and launch a series of community activities. We hope to join hands with more developers and users; then combined innovative technologies with application requirements, and use codes to resolve users’actual demands so that we are able to make Kubernetes network system available and efficient, and truly release the value of open source communities.

Kube-OVN Website: http://www.Kube-ovn.io
GitHub: https://github.com/alauda/kube-ovn